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Use this Google Scholar link to search for papers about Shakespeare's Sonnets, the Shakespeare authorship mystery the lives of Edward de Vere, 17h Earl of Oxford; Elizabeth Tudor, Queen Elizabeth I of England; Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton; Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex; Robert Cecil, Secretary of State under Elizabeth and Earl of Salisbury under King James; and more...

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Visit the website of ADONIS EDITIONS to order SHAKESPEARE'S FINGERPRINTS by Michael Brame & Galina Popova -- and their other ground-breaking books, which are leading the way in changing the traditional Shakespeare paradigm. 

NEW: THE SHAKESPEARE ADVENTURE WEBSITE (With a link to The New England Shakespeare-Oxford Library)

VISIT "NAtlantis Presents: THE SHAKESPEARE AUTHORSHIP FORUM under the direction of John L. Southard II

Tune into the brilliant writings and insights of DR.MICHAEL DELAHOYDE of Washington State University, a popular professor emerging as an inspiring leader of a new generation of Shakespeare scholars who are unafraid to explore new ideas and entertain new Shakespearean paradigms...

Don't miss one of the most insightful and original websites devoted to the Shakespeare mystery and, in particular, to the identity crisis suffered by Shakespearean Biography -- hUMILITY pRESS

 * JIM HAMMOND'S "HOME of PHILOSOPHY and LITERATURE"  ("Nietzsche, Shakespeare and Hammond")

* WEBSITE OF BESTSELLING AUTHOR MICHAEL PRESCOTT: Enjoy Prescott's insights on wide-ranging subjects including the Shakespeare-Oxford story!

Increasing numbers of students, inspired by bold teachers, are exploring the SHAKESPEARE AUTHORSHIP QUESTION.  In this regard we salute the faculty and students of CHARLES W. FLANAGAN HIGH SCHOOL in Pembroke Pines, Florida, and invite you to visit this website being developed by Ralph A. Bucci, World Literature Instructor: THE CROOKED STRAIGHT

 An Internet WebQuest on THE MONUMENT by Hank Whittemore

 And we applaud THE SHAKESPEARE RESOURCE CENTER for highlighting and exploring "The Great Authorship Debate"




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Here are two current papers refuting traditional claims that "The Tempest" could not have been written by 1604.  One is by Lynne Kositsky and Dr. Roger Stritmatter of the Shakespeare Fellowship -- located HERE -- and the other is by Nina Green, host of the Oxfordian internet forum Phaeton, and you will find her paper HERE at the bottom of the website page.