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Hank's Newsletter Columns
Introducing The Monument

In his column "A Year in the Life" (2001-2005) in Shakespeare Matters, the newsletter of the Shakespeare Fellowship, Hank Whittemore introduced his breakthrough discovery of the special language, structure and story line of the Shakespearean sonnets as presented in his 900-page reference edition THE MONUMENT. 

Here are five columns from 2004-2005 (in sync with publication of The Monument) which cover the 100-sonnet center (each column is devoted to a twenty sonnet sequence, in order from Sonnet 27 through Sonnet 126)). These are provided in PDF format, for reading online or printing out:


Authorizing Thy Trespass With Compare 


I (My Sovereign) Watch the Clock for You


On Better Judgment Making


Three Winters Cold


Your Trespass Now Becomes a Fee  


Here is a press release about a presentation on the Sonnets and the Essex Rebellion ("Unraveling History") given by Hank at the Social Law Library (Boston, Mass) in 2005:

Unraveling History - A Presentation at the Social Law Library