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Book of Interest on the Sonnets and the Shakespeare Authorship Question

Here you can directly order some of the most important available books on Shakespeare as well as those dealing with the Shakespeare authorship question, the Sonnets, and the life of Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford.

First, of course, are Hank's two books on the Monument Theory and the Sonnets:


For another book of great interest on examining Shakespeare's use of words and language, visit the Web Site of ADONIS EDITIONS to order the ground-breaking books of Michael Brame & Galina Popova, such as SHAKESPEARE'S FINGERPRINTS, the first installment of their Fingerpint Trilogy, whose major thesis is that the name William Shakespeare is but one of a range of pseudonyms adopted by Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford.  


Find THE SHAKESPEARE-CERVANTES CODE by David Yuhas at Barnes & Noble and get set for a surprising -- and surprisingly convincing -- adventure into the intersecting lives of the authors of "Hamlet" and "Don Quixote"....


And here is a refreshingly new approach to the history of British royalty -- the lives and times of the Royals through their illegitimate children... Right Royal Bastards

And here are a couple of more books about royal bastards: 



In MOST GREATLY LIVED - A BIOGRAPHICAL NOVEL OF EDWARD DE VERE, 7TH EARL OF OXFORD, WHOSE NAME WAS WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, author Paul Altrocchi dramatically depicts de Vere's colorful life, offering new and exciting perspectives into the raging authorship controversey.