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---Special Offers---
Summer 2013 Specials

This year's Fundraiser specials incude a mixture of old and new Oxfordian
texts, plus a selection of some interesting older items, such as a couple of
Baconian texts from the early 20th century, and several mainstream texts
from the late 20th century that deal with "authorship" in all its forms.

As part of this year's special each individual item purchased includes one bonus
gift item (check under the Bookstore page for details about each item)


1) One of three books published by NESOL's publishing arm Forever Press:

Index to Oxfordian Publications (2nd Edition) by James A. Warren
Twelve Years in the Life of Shakespeare by Hank Whittemore
Another Hamlet by Charles Boyle


2) an original April 1999 issue of Harpers with its 27-page authorship
feature story "The Ghost of Shakespeare," or a Hedingham Castle
guidebook (plus some 6 postcards from Hedingham)


Choose One Bonus Item:


This Star of England
by Charlton and Doroty Ogburn
(Hardcover, 1952)

A must-own, hard-to-find book for anyone engaged in the Oxfordian theory of the Shakespeare authorship debate.

This is a very good/excellent used copy without a dust jacket - the binding is tight, clean inside and out, no tears, no foxing of pages, etc.





Fowler_Shakespeare Revealed
Choose One Bonus Item:


Shakespeare Revealed
in Oxford's Letters

by William Plumer Fowler

(Hardcover, 1986)

This is a must-have book for anyone exploring the Oxfordian view of the Shakespeare authorship debate. Fowler's years of meticulous research in comparing words and phrases used in Oxford's surviving letters with the same words and phrases as used by Shakespeare is impressive.

 The copy offered here is slightly used, in very good/excellent condition overall, but with a dust jacket that has a small tear and a small piece missing on the front bottom left.






De Veres of Castel Hedingham

Choose One Bonus Item:


The de Veres of Castle Hedingham
by Verily Anderson
(Hardcover, 1993)

An excellent/mint-condition copy of Verily Anderson's now out-of-print history of one of England's most ancient families, which devotes special attention to the 17th earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere.

Amphlett_Who Was Shakespeare

Choose One Bonus Item:


Who Was Shakespeare?
by Hilda Amphlett
(Hardcover, 1955)

While the authorship debate was off most radar screens in the 1950s, organizations such as the Shakespeare Fellowship soldiered on. This 1955 book by Hilda Amphlett is a good summary of all the key points, with an Introduction by Christmas Humphreys, then Vice-President of the Shakespeare Fellowship.

The book is in overall very good condition, though the dust jacket is torn and taped in a few places.


Choose One Bonus Item:


Shakespeare's Lost Play:
Edmund Ironside

by Eric Sams

(Hardcover, St, Martin's Press, 1985)

This is one of a number of studies of the Shakespeare authorship "problem" that everyone agrees on, sort of: Who wrote those early, anonymous plays that seem related to Shakespeare?

This hardcover edition of Sams' landmark study is somewhat rare. It is in very good/excellent condition, with a very good/excellent dust jacket.


Choose One Bonus Item:


Coincidences - Bacon and Shakespeare
by Edwin Reed
(Hardcover, Coburn Press, 1906)

This Baconian text offers an intriguing list of parallels between Bacon and Shakespeare,
not ciphers.

This copy is in very good condition overall, but one page (a frontispiece portrait) has come loose. Spine is faded. There is no dust jacket.

Kendall_William Shakespeare
Choose One Bonus Item:


William Shakespeare and His Three Friends - Ben, Anthony and Francis
by Frank A. Kendall

(Hardcover, W.A. Butterfield, 1911)

A Baconian text that explores the use of acrostics in determining authorship, and proposes the involvement of Ben Jonson, Anthony Bacon and Francis Bacon in both writing and encoding Shakespeare.

This copy is in excellent condition. There is no dust jacket.

Mysterious William Shakespeare
Choose One Bonus Item:


The Mysterious William Shakespeare
by Charlton Ogburn, Jr.
(Hardcover, 1992)

An "excellent" barely used 1992 edition (with dust jacket) of Charlton Ogburn's original 1984 book that re-ignited the authorship debate in the 1980s, paving the way for the Supreme Court Moot Court debate in 1986 and the Frontline documentary in 1989.

Friedman_Shakespearean Ciphers
Choose One Bonus Item:


The Shakespearean
Ciphers Examined

by William & Elizabeth Friedman
(Hardcover, 1958 US printing of the 1957 UK Cambridge University Press first edition)

The Shakespeare Ciphers Examined is considered a classic in the both the fields of codebreaking and of Shakespeare authorship studies. It is considered to have pretty much sounded the death knell for the Baconians, who depend heavily on cipher solutions to support their man.

This 1958 US printing is in "excellent" condition, with a "very good" dust jacket wrapped in mylar.

Pitcher_Famous Victories
Choose One Bonus Item:


The Case for Shakespeare's Authorship of the
Famous Victories

by Seymour M. Pitcher
(Hardcover, Redman, 1962)

An intriguing book that illustrates the intricacies and contadictions of authorship studies, for as Pitcher makes his case for "Shakespeare" having authored this anonymous play, he runs head on into the 11th Earl of Oxford's role in the play, and what that might say about the 17th Earl's possibly then being the true author of Famous Victories. This first edition is in "excellent" condition, with a "very good" dust jacket wrapped in mylar.

Sobran_Alias Shakespeare
Choose One Bonus Item:


Alias Shakespeare
by Joseph Sobran
(Hardcover, Free Press, 1997)

Sobran's book caused quite a stir just 15 years ago as he proposed a homosexual solution to the Shakespeare problem, based mostly on his reading of the Sonnets. But agree with him or not, this is a very well-written book, especially the first hundred pages or so in which he lays out all the reasons the Stratford man can't be Shakespeare.

This is a new, unread copy in excellent/mint condition with
a perfect dust jacket.